Optimizing Your Needs

Corporate Computers, LLC is an offsite IT department for small businesses and individuals. We understand that the key to a good relationship with our clients is punctual support. If you are experiencing a problem with your computer even if your problem is not hardware, you are still down and require help. We are here to help you with all your computer needs at a reasonable price.

We specialize in the following services:

Custom built computers

  • All of our systems are custom built to your specifications and needs.
  • Packed with powerful innovative technologies and high performance multi-media acessories.
  • All configurations include top-notch products.
  • Ask for a consultation and we will ensure your specific system needs are met.

Repairs and Upgrades

  • Troubleshoot your computer system troubles.
  • Transferring of data.
  • We advise you on advanced components and software.

Networking and Internet configuration

  • Guided by growth and potential and productivity, we install and maintain your network to provide solutioons designed to suit your needs.
  • Whether we're connecting two workstatatins or ten workstations as well as servers in remote offices, we have a budget conscious solution for every situation.
  • We can hoop up your network to high-speed Internet connections.
  • Set your company up with a registered domain name, email service, and configure each of your workstations.
  • We can review and organize backup procedures to make sure your valuable data is secure.

Hardware/Software installations

  • We specialize in a variety of operating systerms and numerous software programs.
  • We can save you time and money by keepign you aware of the latest software and downloads for your system.


  • Most support is done onsite wher the problem and you exist.
  • Computers and products come with a full one-year warranty along with the specific manufacturer's warranties.
  • We provide solutions that not only work today, but also are adaptable and upgradeable to meet the demands of of tomorrow.
  • These solutions help us build our long-term clientele based on mutual trust and respect.

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